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Numerical Methods

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x43 Mach contour
Simulation of High-Speed Flows

Research is being conducted on the development of accurate models that occur in high-speed flows as part of the NOnequilibrium MOdels (NEMO) project within the SU2 development community. These include:

• Implementation of convective schemes for high-Mach flows.

• Mesh adaptation for shock capturing.

• Physical models of kinetic processes for multi-species reacting flows in thermochemical nonequilibrium.

• Turbulence modeling for hypersonic flight.

• Surface chemistry and gas-surface interaction.

Mach contour of p4 element
High-Order Numerical Methods

High-order numerical methods have the potential to produce results with higher level of accuracy at lower costs than conventional low order methods. Several research areas pertaining to high-order CFD methods are conducted:

• Discontinuous Galerkin (DG) methods

• Shock-capturing schemes for DG methods

• Scale-resolving simulations using high-order discretizations

• Efficient preconditioner and linear solvers for large-scale high-order discretizations